The Hosts

Jordan and Jonathan are brothers, basketball nerds and just in general guys who love to talk about player development and the future of the NBA.


Jonathan Ennis- COO/CEO (Shooting Guard)

Jordan Ennis- VP and Editor-in-Chief (Point Forward)

Jonathan is the resident Houston Rockets fan. A former coach and referee as well as a super fan. Lover of the Eye Test. Jonathan is a Pastor in Arkansas and Has a Wife and Son. 

Mav's fan, numbers geek, and a man so obsessed with the draft that ping-pong balls may have been tempted to take out a restraining order on him. Jordan Is a Pastor at a Church in West Africa. Married to a beautiful Woman, Girl Dad. 

Staff Writers

Manny Encalada (PF)
Kevin Hess (PG)
Sean Masopust (SF)

General NBA fan, Specifically Jokic. Student Pastor in New Jersey. Day dreams of working in basketball, loves bringing people together. 

Husband to Missy, Father of Makayla and Hannah, Pastor in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, sportswriter. Pacers fan, Michigan basketball fan, Mexican Food Fan. 

A Wolves and Lynx fan. Timberwolves season ticket holder since before A-Rod. Rickey Rubio Disciple. Pastor in Minnesota

Husband, Father of 3 Girls, Pastor in Wyoming, Die Hard 76ers Fan and all around Data Nerd. 

Josh Davies (C)